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whenever anybody complains about the proportions in the new anime show em this screencap


whenever anybody complains about the proportions in the new anime show em this screencap


I am Merida, first born descendant of Clan DunBroch.


Oh hey look, a 12 year-old just grasped the main concepts of The Hunger Games more accurately than most media networks.


Once Upon a Time Season 4 Speculation: Killian

Okay, this round of speculation I have about Killian is a lot less neat than the one I had for Emma. Mostly because I had a hard time reconciling some of the ideas I’ve had floating around in my mind (and on my dash, I’ll be honest here). This is mostly stream-of-consciousness rambling, but it’s still fun to throw around.

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Do we know for sure Rumple kept Killian's hand? Did they show that? Haha, just trying to figure out if I missed that at some point...




Well we see it in Rumple’s castle in “Skin Deep”


And then again in Gold’s shop in “The Outsider”

so yes. he very much kept it.

Yo, Rumple. I know you’re into souvenirs and shit but…


A while back I was asked by one of my close friends, ‘How do you know these shows are actually as great as you think they are?’ At first I was puzzled, because truth be told when you’ve been a fanboy as long as I have it sometimes becomes hard to look at things from an unbiased perspective. But after thinking it over for a few seconds, I responded, ‘Because of the fans’. There is no standard profile for an Avatar fan. We are all different ages and colors. We come from different backgrounds and different countries. Some of us are outgoing and social, while others are shy and secluded. We are artists, writers, shippers, reviewers, podcasters, and cosplayers. There is no single demographic that makes up a majority in this fandom. What makes these shows great is not that they appeal to the lowest denominator. What makes them great is that they appeal to a range of unique individuals that may have nothing else in common, but a love for this franchise.
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Bless her, she is one of us.


I noticed that Colin was having WAY too good a time giving Jen a hard time in this one. She was trying to get out something after he flustered her with the man comment in the first one and she kept studdering and he was totally making fun of her and then…well, the second one doesn’t really need an explanation now does it. You guys. We are seriously so lucky.

"The look you get when you’ve been left alone."

[Adam and Eddy] do a great job in writing very complicated women. And when I say complicated, I really just mean ‘real.’

They are women who are strong, and independent, know what they want, and know how to take care of themselves. But at the same time, can be vulnerable, and have things that they need, want to love, and be close to people.

Often times you get one or the other, you don’t necessarily get them together, but Adam and Eddy have done a wonderful job with several female characters on the show. And now they’ve done a wonderful job with complimenting that with really strong men as well. It’s a nice balance.

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the hug that killed cs shippers and actually my favorite thing from comic con